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Greeting from the President


Since its founding, Inoue Jikuuke Kogyo (IJK) has been asking itself what makes the company unique among the many players in the bearing industry.

The answer to this question is best expressed by its attitude toward monozukuri: to focus on developing and manufacturing high-precision and specialized products that cannot be produced by any other companies to meet the changing times and varying needs of customers.

IJK promotes its business with the corporate philosophy of “Exploring niche products,” which expresses its business attitude.

IJK is determined to continue being the one and only bearing manufacturer, completely different from its competitors. To this end, the company will make aggressive efforts to develop and offer high-precision, specialized bearings utilizing its outstanding human resources, advanced product technologies, as well as cutting-edge production technologies and facilities. Through these efforts, IJK aims to completely satisfy our customers, bring happiness to our employees, and thereby contribute to society as a whole.

Toru Inoue

President, Inoue Jikuuke Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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