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What is a bearing?

A bearing is a machine element that holds a shaft while receiving a load when in contact with a mating component that rotates or reciprocates.
Commonly used bearings consist of an inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, and a retainer.
Rolling elements, such as balls, are placed between the inner and outer rings. The retainer keeps the balls evenly spaced to prevent them from contacting each other. This construction enables smooth rolling movement.


  •  Single-row, deep-groove ball bearings

    Single-row, deep-groove ball bearings

    Single-row, deep-groove ball bearings are the most popular type used for various applications.

    Major applications: transmissions, motors and other electrical components of automobiles; and electrical components of home and office appliances

  • Self-aligning ball bearings

    Self-aligning ball bearings

    Self-aligning ball bearings have functions to accommodate angular misalignment of the shaft, which can be caused by errors in mounting or shaft deflection.

    Major applications: transmission shafts of spinning machinery and X-ray tubes

  • Magneto ball bearings

    Magneto ball bearings

    Magneto ball bearings are developed especially for small generators. They can be disassembled into the outer ring, inner ring and retainer with balls. This enables easy installation or removal.

    Major applications: small generators (magneto generators), gyroscopic instruments, and meters

  • Angular-contact ball bearings

    Angular-contact ball bearings

    The name “angular” comes from the word “contact angle.” Angular-contact ball bearings have a contact angle determined using the contact points between the ball and the inner and outer rings. This type of bearing is designed to support both radial and axial loads. It can support large loads in one direction or both directions when mounted in multiple numbers to fit the usage on machines and equipment.

    Major applications: machine tools, precision instruments, semiconductor facilities, and industrial machinery

  • Double-row, angular-contact ball bearings

    Double-row, angular-contact ball bearings

    This type of ball bearing is designed with two combined angular-contact ball bearings. The inner ring of the outer bearing and the outer ring of the inner bearing are integrated into one ring structure. One multi-row angular-contact ball bearing can support loads in both directions, and three types of loads.

    Major applications: vehicle engine accessories, compressors, and transmissions

  • Special application bearings

    Special application bearings

    IJK produces bearings with various specifications to satisfy customers’ needs.

    Major applications: bicycle hubs, chip mounters, and semiconductor facilities

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