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Clean room


Clean Room of IJK (Inoue Jikuuke Kogyo)

IJK has adopted a clean room to manufacture specialized bearings adaptive to special environments such as corrosive and high temperature environments.The clean room of IJK is maintained at Class 1000.

What is a clean room?

A “clean room” literally a room that is clean; however, it has a special meaning. It is a room whose air cleanliness is maintained and controlled according to specific standards and rules to ensure it does not affect the quality of the products to be manufactured.

Cleanliness standard

Cleanliness is represented by the class of air cleanliness in controlled environments, such as Class 1 and Class 100. Each cleanliness standard has its own classification system.

Cleanliness standard

US Federal Standard
Cleanliness clasnumber of particles with a diameter of - 0.5 µm or larger (the number of dust particles)
Class 11
Class 1010
Class 100100
Class 1,0001,000
Class 10,00010,000
Class 100,000100,000

The specification in the US Federal Standard is based on the number of dust particles with a diameter of 0.5 µm or larger per cubic foot.

Four principles for clean rooms

  1. Do not bring in dust.
  2. Reduce dust generation.
  3. Remove dust immediately.
  4. Do not allow dust to accumulate.
Clean Room of IJK (Inoue Jikuuke Kogyo)

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